05/09/09 (joan of arc, canonized)

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Joan of Arc canonized 05/09/1920

Saint Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc) is a recognized Saint of the Roman Catholic Church. Although she was excommunicated and burned at the stake by local officials in 1431, central church officials would later nullify her excommunication, declaring her a martyr unjustly executed for a secular vendetta. Her legend would grow from there, leading to her beatification in 1909 and her canonization in 1920.

She had always been considered innocent by those of her own faction. The city of Orléans commemorated her death each year beginning in 1432, and from 1435 onward performed a religious play centered around her victories. The play represented her as a divinely sent saviour guided by angels. She stated at her trial, and her message to us is, “I believed it was an angel speaking to me, and I had the will to believe.”

In the process of declaring a person a ‘saint’ the promoters of the prospective saint’s cause are asked to vouch for four authentic miracles to secure for beatification and two more miracles form Canonization.

The Holy Father can dispense one miracle if the candidate has founded a religious order. In Joan’s case, this dispensation was granted because she had saved France. Thus, three miracles sufficed for her beatification. The three approved miracles that raised Joan to Blessed were as follows:

1) Sister Thérèse of St. Augustine, who lived in Orleans, had been cured of leg ulcers.

2) Sister Julie Gauthier, who lived in Faverolles, was cured of a cancerous ulcer of her left breast.

3) Sister Marie Sagnier, who lived in Frages, was miraculously cured of cancer of the stomach.

Pope Pius X solemnly accepted these three miracles as authentic on December 13, 1908. He declared, “Joan has shone like a new star destined to be the glory not only of France but of the Universal Church as well.” It was because of her heroic virtue that she was declared Blessed on April 18, 1909.


05/07/09 – 8:30pm (can you be this space?)

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“I looked at him, trusting, vulnerable, love without caution. He was a new beginning and every new beginning returns the world. In him, the rain forests were pristine and the sea had not been blunted. He was a map of clear outlines and unnamed hope. He was time before or time after. Time now had not spoilt him. In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.”Jeanette Winterson: “The World And Other Places.”


“She is a good soul who has served me well for a number of years, but during the last few weeks a morbid sensitiveness has made it increasingly difficult for me to look her in the face. Does she know or does she not know the doom which is hanging over me?” – “the good woman’s face expressed no particular interest, and it was clear to me that she did not see the two bright birds which were causing me such emotion.”Anna Kavan: “Asylum Piece.”


“Love me Sophia, this hand tracing of myself, an outline told in blood. Take my hand, what do you read there? The chronicle of a long life and all the forgotten loss. But what remains when the story has been told? What will bring you back to me when you know what happens next? Only words, the curving beauty in flight, the lasso at once tough and airborn. The words for their own sake, revealing now, themselves. Words beyond information. Words done with plot. The illuminated manuscript that lights itself.” –






Recite me until you know me off by heart.

Lift up a flap of skin and the word sings.

On the operating table the word sings.

In the grave the words push up the earth.



the living word.

05/06/09 – 6:20pm (day comes, night falls)

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“When all speak the same speak the poet can no longer speak. The language is rich when it is fed from difference. Where there is no difference there is no richness. There is no distinguishing among the dead. Eat the same apples, day comes, night falls. Read the same newspapers, day comes, night falls. Turn on the television, day comes, night falls. Assert your individuality with one voice. Day comes night falls.” Jeanette Winterson: “ART & LIES”

05/06/09 – 2:23pm (don’t feed the exploitation)

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8-Internal Exploitation

Turning the sacred into the profane. Lack of integration between the levels, coupled with disillusionment about achieving “higher goals.” Hence exploitation of sex/kundalini/muse energy for “worldly goals” of power, status or monetary gain. “Using” oneself is an introverted symptom of inflation. The more we exploit ourselves the more others exploit us. Treating ourselves as a resource without regard for our spiritual welfare.from: http://biologyofkundalini.com/article.php?story=PitfallsonthePath

“When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen’s “off with her head!”
Remember what the dormouse said;

-White Rabbit, Jefferson Arplane: http://blip.fm/profile/fellowman/blip/30867598/Jefferson_Airplane_-White_Rabbit

The ultimate lesson is that an occult society which becomes obsessed with interpersonal intrigue to the neglect of magic and philosophy is on the path to self-extermination.

05/05/09 – 12:23am (on art)

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the process is for ME,

the finished product is for YOU.

05/04/09 – 11:52pm (art lies)

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howling phosphorescence

a climax

then rain



a lions territorial roar

spites my incandescence






a false world


scratching at the rash

the soul

of some purpose

that screams, begs, frightened, bored beyond self love

a raptor

a mouse

a loving mother


we burned whole villages of them

from our bedrooms




hell has carved a cynical grin from ear to ear upon this mask

i call a face, and so…

an excellent kisser




05/04/09 – 6:29pm (misanthrope)

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Misanthropy is a general dislike, distrust, or hatred of the human species or a disposition to dislike and/or distrust other people’s silent consensus about reality. The word comes from the Greek words (misos, “hatred”) and ( anthr?pos, “man, human being”). A misanthrope is a person who dislikes or distrusts humanity as a general rule.

[6:09:57 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: the older i get the less funny the joke becomes
[6:10:41 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: i just wanna burn shit
[6:11:05 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: i want to melt the face off innocence
[6:11:15 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: save them the fury
[6:11:29 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: let god eat his own face
[6:11:52 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: this isnt darkness – but light…
[6:11:57 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: pure light
[6:12:07 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: revealing every stain
[6:12:11 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: every ugly mark
[6:12:42 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: “misanthrope”
[6:12:48 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: my first favorite word
[6:12:57 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: now i know why
[6:13:10 PM] Claire says: you are one  ha
[6:13:16 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: ones first favorite word seems to be ones true name
[6:13:59 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: where has my compassion gone?
[6:14:34 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: where has my purity gone, why has it turned from white to scalding yellow orange?
[6:14:44 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: i am steam
[6:14:53 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: a tea pot left for too long
[6:14:59 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: on the burner
[6:15:03 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: howling
[6:15:09 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: waiting
[6:15:10 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: shaking
[6:15:14 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: for someone to come
[6:15:16 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: and rememeber
[6:15:21 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: to take me from the heat!
[6:15:23 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: ;(
[6:15:35 PM] Claire says: you choose to be that
[6:15:38 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: ;(
[6:15:51 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: “always seeems the same – nothing every changes…”
[6:15:54 PM] Claire says: how long can you wait for yourself?
[6:17:02 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: idk
[6:17:07 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: do i have a choice?
[6:17:50 PM] Claire says: you have choice of everything regarding yourself
[6:18:07 PM] Claire says: lack of choice can only be on so many levels i guess
[6:18:17 PM] Claire says: how you think of things changes everything
[6:18:28 PM] Claire says: we choose how we think and see things
[6:19:05 PM] Claire says: sometimes it seems to be out of our control..well mostly but thats because thats how our machinary works
[6:19:06 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: i know i know
[6:19:10 PM] Claire says: slowly
[6:19:13 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: but why is that not helping?
[6:20:45 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: ^i know this
[6:20:43 PM] Claire says: because you dont want it to not with out going a little further into your experience now