04/28/09 – 4:01pm (virgo/pisces)

Virgo knows that all life comes from star-stuff. Everything you are existed 15 billion years ago at the time of the Big Bang. Virgo and Pisces enjoy a deep connection around this realization. Pisces understands the oneness of all life through a deeply spiritual lens. Virgo understands the oneness of all life through the physical realities of cosmology, mathematics and physics. If we all experienced our bodies with this kind of integrated Virgo/Piscean conscious awareness, we would experience existent transcendent reality in every cell, in every life form. There would be no violence because everything would be holy. In Virgo’s world, holiness is achieved through transcendent embodiment, and from this state of embodied awareness one can heal almost any malady. Make no mistake about it; the mind-body connection is the most powerful medicine for healing and the true wisdom of Virgo. The potential of the entire cosmos lives within the body.


~ by your fellowman on 28/04/2009.

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