04/28/09 – 2:54pm (god seeking god)

‘becomming’ a god;

would require the human perspective of comming from some ‘previous’ place.

donot fall into that ‘dread person of deity.’

donot forget how Ganesha won the race.


UNHAPPY dreamer, who outwinged in flight

The pleasant region of the things I love,
And soared beyond the sunshine, and above
The golden cornfields and the dear and bright
Warmth of the hearth,—blasphemer of delight,         5
Was your proud bosom not at peace with Jove,
That you sought, thankless for his guarded grove,
The empty horror of abysmal night?
Ah, the thin air is cold above the moon!
I stood and saw you fall, befooled in death,         10
As, in your numbed spirit’s fatal swoon,
You cried you were a god, or were to be;
I heard with feeble moan your boastful breath
Bubble from depths of the Icarian sea.

By George Santayana

“take the truth and turn it slightly” – CC. 2009

or… “take the skin and peel it back,” – Trent Reznor


…either way, remember:

“your heart is the altar, the sacrament is your illusiory self.
your mind is the dagger that kills.
the dagger cannot wield itself.”

– Abriel, K&C

“the heart is the hand that holds the sword, heart being the spirit, sword being angelic-mind. the heart must always lead.” – CC.2009

“ohhhh! you mean it makes a perfect circle!?”

“….the dot, the line, AND the circle, like Jacobs Ladder, God seeking God.”



~ by your fellowman on 28/04/2009.

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