04/27/09 – 1:05am (CC.1999)

“all i see is a dead expanse of sky, and i keep wondering why the angels have not come down to save me, or at least to give me flowers…” – CC.1999

“…i am trying to burn your temple down. you know you deserve it. the world and it’s accepted ways and limited beliefs has taken away the only thing that was ever real to me. Christ would have cringed in the presence of what we were. now he only laughs, hanging his midget followers one by one from the noose of society. you will all die from aquiescence and i will burn you down before you get to Heaven. cause i have nothing else left but this bitter vengeance.” – CC.1999

(*pre-Anael awakening*)


~ by your fellowman on 27/04/2009.

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