03/31/09 – 1:07pm (no easy way)

“…there is no easy way to real knowledge and insight of the ‘Occult’ kind – that each individual must walk this path and achieve things for themselves. There are no ‘ceremonies’, no magickal ‘rites’, not even any teachings which can provide the individual with genuine wisdom: real wisdom is only and always attained by the personal effort of the individual over many years. It is the result of a synthesis – a development of the dark side and an integration of that aspect of our being thus creating a complete, more evolved individual. Furthermore, the means to this attainment are essentially practical; that is, they involve the individual undergoing certain formative, character-developing experiences ‘in the real world’ rather than in some pseudo-mystical, pseudo-intellectual ‘magickal rite’ or sitting at the feet of some pretentious ‘master’.”

from Dark Imperium ONA blog: http://darkimperium.wordpress.com/2009/01/30/introduction-to-traditional-satanism/


~ by your fellowman on 31/03/2009.

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