03/29/09 – 8:30pm (To “Know” the “Other”)


“…There’s only so close you can get to another person…but you can get much closer to a demon.”http://danceswitheidolons.blogspot.com/2009/03/ineffable-effulgence-of-paratheismic.html



~ by your fellowman on 30/03/2009.

2 Responses to “03/29/09 – 8:30pm (To “Know” the “Other”)”

  1. Speaking of demons … gawd … have I got a story for you in the latest never ending saga of “Oh God …. when will that creature finally die and leave us all in peace?”

    Epic mind fuck.

  2. Now that I’ve moved to my temporary Tenderloin hotel and hooked up my wireless and got the project keeping me semi-employed finished enough to breathe, I can start blogging/twittering and maybe even making noise again. The monthly festival had to be called off this month because of all these concerns, but even wild Choronzon seems to know when I don’t attend to mundanity I become less capable of fulfilment of the opposite streams. Thanks for the linkage–Blogger will follow WP feeds so I’ll sidebar you. /wheee/
    ps: My wireless works now, it has been worse than dialup til I got the extra adapter thingumagoochie working.

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