03/25/09 – 1:48pm (quote on perception by Don Webb)

i’m tacking this to the top of my blog so i am forced to see it everyday. new blog posts will appear below it so be sure to scroll down. – revspook

“From a magical point of view “belief” is interesting in that it accomplishes the Great Work -in other words it changes perception.  If Joe Schmoe believes that he is lucky, he will find evidence of this everywhere.  The elevator arrives at the right time, he finds money on the ground, etc.  He feels happy, he experiences risk taking and so forth.  Likewise if Sally Schmue feels unlucky, her perceptions will validate that.  Perception is very hard to change. Perception is how energy is received in the subjective universe.”
Don Webb

very very cool.

im going to put this to the test…


~ by your fellowman on 25/03/2009.

3 Responses to “03/25/09 – 1:48pm (quote on perception by Don Webb)”

  1. I’ve been reading THE POWER OF NOW. Cas gave me a copy. Brilliant work. Nothing I haven’t heard or read before – but there’s a freshness to his perspective I really like. And …. there are so many truisms in the work. Might be worth a re-read?

  2. funny thing though. ive watched a few people read that book and immediatly start hacking away at their pain body trying to grasp their NOW. not realizing its a process of re-programming. not amputation. the excitment and awareness that comes when you start waking up isn’t safe to act upon without some inner or outer guidence. whats really fucked is when they start trying to hack away at someone elses pain body. thinkng they’re doing some “SERVICE.”

  3. […] PM] Patrick Chauncey says: but why is that not helping? [6:20:41 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: http://excrement.revspook.com/?p=1673 [6:20:45 PM] Patrick Chauncey says: ^i know this [6:20:43 PM] Claire says: because you dont want it […]

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