03/22/09 12:52pm (trying to “pop” thru)

its a commonly accepted IDEA among scientists nowadays that we live in a Multiverse and NOT a Universe: http://www.astronomy.pomona.edu/Projects/moderncosmo/Sean’s%20mutliverse.html

something happened at the airport and plane itself on my journey back to Akron, Ohio.

at the airport while waiting at the gate there came a moment when everything i was seeing/hearing/experiencing was like a movie on a DVD. the DVD must have had a scratch or something cause there came a point where EVERYTHING stopped. and then restarted a second before it stopped. looking around you could plainly see on eveyones face that they were also wondering what had just happened. no one said a word to anyone else about it. you could tell everyone was thinking something like: “wtf just happened? am i tripping? did anyone else see that?” still in shock over the incident we began boarding the plane. when we were in the air a t.v. program came on titled: “The Universe.” this episode was about the “Multiverse.” it went into great detail about quantum mechanics and how there is a unknown number of Earth’s and Patrick’s and everyone and everything else involved in this Passion Play. that while this Patrick is mulling over what he did wrong here, there’s another Patrick out there completely safe and happy with the person he loves and all is well. ive been trying to figure out how to create a bridge to that particular Earth. since it’s here now all around me i figure if i can just align myself with it and shift my ‘assemblage’ point to an extreme, ill “pop” into it. i’ll keep working on it. keep ya posted. if it works i’ll tell you right now… there’ll be NO free rides! i’ll be setting up a toll booth and if you want in you’re gonna have to pay. sorry but: “Never do something your good at for free.” right?

off to work.

“i used to want to build a TIME MACHINE…

but then i realized there was no FUTURE in it.”

-Dr. Tedley


~ by your fellowman on 22/03/2009.

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