02/25/09 – 9:18am (the 5 characteristics of the ‘off state’)

There are 5 characteristics of the ‘off’ state or ‘discontinuity’:

a. There is no space, time, object or information. It is non-material. It is a field of pure potentiality.

b. In this field, there is non-local correlation. Everything is instantly correlated with everything else. This is the only way one can explain how all our cells communicate and collaborate within our bodies. Similarly, our bio-rhythms are the symphony of the rhythms of the universe. Non-local correlation which is the finding of Quantum Theory is the mathematical description of ‘Omniscience’. Non-Local correlation is non-mediated and unmitigated. Therefore, it doesn’t diminish with distances and space. It even passes the boundaries of time.

c. Quantum Leap. This means, one moves from one point to another without going through any ‘in-between’.

d. Proliferation of uncertainty and chaos. And, therefore more creativity.

e. Observer effect. Universe remains unmanifest if some sentient being is not there.

All the above 5 characteristics describe the ‘soul’. It is non-material. It is omniscient. It is intuitive. It is comfortable with uncertainty. ‘All creativity is quantum. Physical death is the quantum creative act of the soul.’ The soul co-creates with Godhead.”



So Mote It Be.



~ by your fellowman on 25/02/2009.

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