02/25/09 – 8:34am (comfortable with uncertainty)

im hanging out at a friends house today getting ready for my flight to Oregon tomorrow. i spot a book in a bag in the bathroom. i pluck it out and instantly seeing the title: “Comfortable with Uncertainty” i know im in for a treat. i let the book open itself. it falls on page 105 – chapter 53 – “The Three Poisons” – it reads as follows:

In the Buddhist teachings, the messy emotional stuff is called klesha, which means poison. There are three main poisons: passion, aggression, and ignorance. We could talk about these in different ways-for example, we could also call them craving, aversion, and couldn’t care less. Addictions of all kinds come under the category of craving, which is wanting, wanting, wanting-feeling that we have to have some kind of resolution. Aversion encompasses violence, rage, hatred, and negativity of all kinds, as well as garden-variety irritation. And ignorance? Nowadays, it’s usually called denial.

The three poisons are always trapping you in one way or another, imprisoning you and making your world really small. When you feel craving, you could be sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon, but all you can see is this piece of chocolate cake that you’re craving. With aversion, you’re sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon, and all you can hear is the angry words you said to someone ten years ago. With ignorance, you’re sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon with a paper bag over your head. Each of the three poisons has the power to capture you so completely that you don’t even perceive what’s in front of you.

The pith instruction is, whatever you do, don’t try and make the poisons go away. When you’re trying to make them go away, you’re losing your wealth along with your neurosis. The irony is that what we most want to avoid in our lives is crucial to awakening bodhichitta. These juicy emotional spots are where a warrior gains wisdom and compassion. Of course, we’ll want to get out of these spots far more often than we’ll want to stay. That’s why self-compassion and courage are vital. Without loving-kindness, staying with pain is just warfare.

awesome! – i needed that!

if you liked that tid-bit then here’s the info you’ll need to get the book:

titled: “Comfortable with Uncertainty”

author: Pemo Chodron

ISBN: 1-59030-078-5


~ by your fellowman on 25/02/2009.

One Response to “02/25/09 – 8:34am (comfortable with uncertainty)”

  1. Sounds like I need this book desperately.

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