01/22/09 – 12:14pm (r.l. burnside quotes)

Top quotes from R.L Burnside

1. “You know when you really got the blues when you start coming home late that night, and you meet your cat coming out the driveway, thats the first thang you meet, the first thang he says to you,’She ain’t here, she ain’t here, she ain’t here!’ You know then you got the blues man!”

2.”The bees stung the bull and start them to buckin’, Eve and Adam broke the law and start the whole world to fuckin’!”

3. ” You don’t get outta my face quick, I’m gonna kick your ass you Son of a Bitch!”

4. “I’ll tell you what, you don’t get outta here and make it fast, I’m gonna put my foot right in your ass!”

5.” I was in the back then ya know, with my head in a paper sack, but I was steady tellin’ Nelly to keep her belly close to mine, ya know!”



~ by your fellowman on 22/01/2009.

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