01/17/09 – 10:09am (good description of PAZ)

good description of PAZ:

“In PAZ the lesson is to embrace what you find here like a long-lost lover. It is only through acceptance of ones self and others that you can truly be complete and feel complete. Any left-over opposing force within or without will be directly encountered here, and it is only after one has annihilated those opposing parts that you can move on. PAZ is a necessary preparation for the third Aethyr ZOM, where you and your reality become one. If you do not reconcile the conflict between you and your reality here in PAZ, you will not be able to enter ZOM without severe distortion. And, here, in the word distortion, we mean conflict.”

from http://www.wisdomsdoor.com/at/aethyr_paz.shtml


~ by your fellowman on 17/01/2009.

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