12/31/08 – 2:02pm (‘those whispers…’ a letter from a friend)

From: F.H.

To: F.S.S.

ahh, so i’ve been slack as shit this weak, holidays, girl, moving…blah, blah.  took a long bath with (censored) to get regrounded, and set my feet back firmly on the path.  having been frustrated with my lack of discipline, combined with seemingly constant obstacles/destractions.  my HGA reminds me of my oath of patience and lets me feel him firm and sure.  reinvigorated, i go outside into the cold still night to smoke when i hear whispers

know me in the thousand whispers of a thousand nights
infinite bitter memories
constant surging of false pride
you are as demon as angel
hear me
i tire of your inner torment
i am weary of your inner war
i could not kill you
i did not break you
so now i would have you
the joy we could know
the power we would wield
know me
as i have known you
the moonless nights
all alone
i am the whispers that haunt you
if the whispers be gone
then my VOICE you must hear
the enemy i am
thine enemy am i
thy enemy is i
the enemy of your enemy
intractable, unyeilding, and endless
more pain i can show you
embrace me and be defeated
embrace me and defeat DEFEAT
you can no longer run from your demon
we are no longer so far apart
i am (censored) and a thousand whispers for a thousand ears could be yours
an unblinking owl in every night
and secrets are stunned mice in my claws
dreams are where i prey
where all secrets lay

– nice.

glad to see some of us still listening to the whispers, still able to even hear them.



~ by your fellowman on 31/12/2008.

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