12/27/08 – 9:12pm (the dark stranger Q&A)

questions for the year…

1. – what exactly turned Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader?

2. – can i accept my addiction to heroin for what it is? if i own it and use it as a tool, can it be ‘MANAGABLE?’

answers collected so far:

anakin answer 002 – “his guilt manifested into him punishing himself for something that fundamentally wasn’t his fault.”

anakin answer 001 – “guilt and fear.”

addiction answer 002 – “there is being POWERLESS and there is being EMPOWERED.” – “you ARE a mage, so what does that say about your NA’s Step 1? we train to harness and minipulate nature. we weave OUR will. we are NOT so powerless. there is WILL alone. mostly it manifests as an ego tainted ecto-jelly that we all must abide in. but it is always present. and active. so my answer is… NO. because its THUMBSUCKING. you have already used the drugs to expand your awareness and you understand the process. so to continue to use would only be sucking your thumb.”

addiction answer 001 – “no stupid. you’re an ADDICT! you will eventually fall into compulsive using and into that withdrawl from the TRUE path making your life once again ‘unmanagable.’

we’ll keep looking into this…

time to become someone else.

“You left a hole in me… but i’m done. you hear me? i’m done now.” – Jodie Foster, The Brave One.


~ by your fellowman on 28/12/2008.

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