12/19/08 – 10:17pm (intent – not design)

ok, im going to try something here…
i’m going to try and explain something, pass something on to you mages out there to the best of my ability. you either get or you don’t. it’s up to you. but i’m just in the mood tonight to ‘give a shit.’ so this post is for YOU. not me. pay attention.

a few months ago a message came thru me during some ally work. (aka demonic partnership pathworking)

the message was thus: “INTENT – NOT DESIGN.”

what does this mean?

well this message was an answer to a question concerning the nature of the rite. part of which was carving a demons sigil into my flesh to bring about blood and intent of course. my partner in this rite was the one carving in my flesh as i was to focus on performing the proper mantra/spell. i noticed that after sometime that the sigil they carved into me wasn’t the exact shape/form of the demons binding sigil. it resembled it. but didn’t have all the swirlies and crosses and what nots. it lacked the nifty florishes. so, from what i recall, which is quite blurry being that it was the first evocation i had done in years and i was very ‘in and out’ so to speak… but i remember asking something like ‘why did you carve it like so?’ and the demon was very much ‘in me’ and it replied i believe before my partner had a chance to explain themselves. it responded: ‘INTENT – NOT DESIGN.’

both my partner and i have come to appreciate this tid bit of wisdom very much. recalling it’s power on many occasions.

so what i’d like to share, what has inspired me is that i’m currently concencrating a wand. the wand itself is a hollow alluminum chopstick. yes. thats right. A CHOPSTICK. it’s currently sitting in a black plastic bag filled with four corners dust, AKA ‘graveyard dirt from all four corners of the cemetary.’ this bag is tied up tight, and rolled up in the middle of a black and white photo copy of Giger’s ‘Baphomet.’ this is resting on the horns of my allies Kabba in my closet. (see pic below:)


(my allies Kabba hanging in my closet)

get the point?

don’t let the nit-picky ‘traditional’ b.s. hold you back from performing and executing your WILL.

if an alluminum chopstick floats perfect in between your fingers and hints to you some action/intent of becomming your wand of power. then so feckin be it! don’t hold back. don’t let your left brain quibble for a second upon the bullshit of ‘oh, it feels so right, but it’s alluminum, it’s a chopstick, it not made of natural material, i didn’t craft it myself, etc. etc.’

or my concencrated vessel for containing my four corners dust is a black plastic bag. or my altar is a folded up sleeping bag with a cloth thats a folded up tee-shirt of St. Anthony from Reverend Zombie’s in New Orleans.

let that shit go. and do it quickly. waste not another moment on this stupid shit.

my athame is a pocket knife that belonged to my grandfather.

my pentacle is a plastic mardi gras coin from NOLA.

my wand is an alluminum chopstick.

my chalice is a black coffee mug i bought for a buck at the local dollar store.

and i assure you i’m having NO problems with their intended effects during my rituals.


beat that shit thru your pointy mage hats.

do what thou wilt.

nothing is true, EVERYTHING is permissable.




~ by your fellowman on 20/12/2008.

One Response to “12/19/08 – 10:17pm (intent – not design)”

  1. You are so damn right.
    I’m building a tarot deck.
    All from Magic(k) the Gathering.
    And without the color differences.
    It has just 60 cards yet.
    But it already works.

    My throne is a pillow.
    My robe is a blanket.
    I rule !

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