12/11/08 – 1:49pm (banish with laughter)

many of you mage’s out there have heard the line: ‘Banish With Laughter.’

for those of you who have ever had the problem i had today, wondering: ‘ok, i know that one – um, but what do i do if i can’t find any laughter?’

well today i am due a visit from, well; we’ll just say: ‘a Demon.’ so i’m thinking it’ll be tonight sometime, no biggy, little nervous but i’ve dealt with the likes before. i’ll just make my space, invoke my allies, and wait patiently and make sure to stay as mindful as possible and not give into any of their head-trips. well, this paticular ‘Demon’ chose to not wait around. decided it would come hang out at my jobsite and wait for an oppertunity to catch me alone. on top of that it decided to bring an entire entourage along with some of it’s home enviroment with it. if that wasn’t bad enough, (i.e. – having it loom around, and breath down my neck taunting me with little hissy whispers,) – my jobsite was scheduled for some yearly investigation by the ‘big-top corporate lackies’ so my boss and all our team managers were nervous as fuck, nit-picking over every detail, having to ‘re-train’ us all because when they had trained us they trained us to do things the way they had come to do them out of site experience rather than ‘procedure.’ it was a bullshit festival of egomania and neurosis. so Miss ‘D’ and her entourage decided it would be fun to take advantage of the situation and play upon peoples inner issues and make the great ‘Golden Arches’ of Merrimon Road a little temporary Hellpit of pulsating shadows, writhing auras, sneezing, coughing, screaming, firing, slamming of objects, grease burns, slipping and falling in mop water, busted urinals spraying water; all with little ol’ me right in the midst of it, unable to open a line of communication with my HGA. unable to effectivly invoke the four watchtowers. resorting to texting a majickal partner and ask for some backup, in doing so having some infernal bloke fail 2 of my text messages and scramble a third…


(my phone can’t even make these symbols…WTF?)

so at this point i get quite creeped out. so i run to the walk in freezer and try one more time. just knowing the metal box of the freezer isn’t going to allow my cell phone to send a message but low and behold it does. several of them. my majickal pal advises me to ‘Banish With Laughter.’ ok. first i think, ha! i doubt thats going to help much against these fuckers. but then i realize how much i trust this person and also know they are much more familiar with these guys than i am. so i begin… and then, low and behold, i have NO laughter. i try and think of something funny. mind is blank. then the space around me gets real quiet and weird. i just know she’s gonna take advantage of me being in here alone. the fan in the freezer shuts off, (it NEVER does that!) and so i text them again: ‘what do u do if u can’t find any laughter?’

their reply:

“let a little insanity slip in, laughter usually follows like a well spring.”

wow. genius. i love it. so i begin. takes me a bit but i achieve it.

now, don’t be fooled. laughter itself doesn’t banish the ‘demons.’ it banishes the crunchy confusion and attachment to the mental mastication going on when you’re surrounded by shit like that. allowing YOU to become more centered and focused and able to ‘handle’ the situation.

so now i’m back home. made it through the work day. now it’s time to lie down, fall asleep and let little Miss ‘D’ have her time with me. shit is already moving around in my room, books falling off the window ledge, floorboards creaking, grocery bags crinkling and taking on little insect like personalities, coat falling off hanger in closet. getting strangly ‘dark’ in here. i’m safer in my dreams, my Haidit can get pretty big and hairy-scary. so i’ll be fine. i think. wish me luck. and good luck to the rest of you having unexpected ‘visitors’ who like to loom and hiss about.


~ by your fellowman on 11/12/2008.

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