09/23/08 – 4:15pm (how Soft Cell really feels about SBZ)

This is quoted from Marc Almonds official homepage in the UK.

“You may have noticed various re-issues of some of Marc’s albums being made available. The Jacques/Absinthe re-issue is of great disappointment to Marc. Marc had offered exclusive new tracks, live tracks and brand new special artwork and packaging to make this an exciting double album with new interest to fans. Although he was led to believe this would happen, even to the point of having the new sleeve designed and recording three new Brel songs, he was messed around so much by Some Bizzare that, frustrated with his efforts, he told Some Bizzare to just go ahead with the normal releases. The extra songs (The Desperate Ones, Amsterdam and a new studio recording of If You Go Away) will be made available as downloads in the near future. The albums have been remastered and are albums that Marc is proud of (particularly Absinthe). If one or two of you out there haven’t yet heard them, check them out.

Marc would like to state that the constant re-issues by Some Bizzare are nothing to do with him although he tries as much as possible to see that correct B sides are included but is often frustrated in his efforts. He is most unhappy about the constant scraping of the bottom of the barrel with Soft Cell demos and re-issues and wishes it to stop. He will do everything possible to stop further demos to be re-issued through Some Bizzare if at all. There are no more Little Rough Rhinestone compilations but it is possible that the existing albums could be available via download soon.

Regarding the All The A’s compilation, Marc has battled for over three years to have this released in a format that would include all relevant videos to make a complete, never before released, quality collection. He has come up against nothing but problems with Some Bizzare. It has been time and energy consuming and, once again, frustrating. We can go as far as announcing imminent releases only to come up against another brick wall, usually with Some Bizzare creating more problems that really don’t exist. Having released tracks under many different labels it has been a fight to get the rights from all the different companies involved and Marc is now on the point of giving up on this compilation. He still hopes that a DVD collection will be released at some point in the future but it is unlikely to be a complete collection of all his singles. Marc has even considered giving up on having anything to do with any of his back catalogue owned by Some Bizzare as working with them in any capacity is a complete nightmare. Marc would rather think about future ideas than waste his time on the past.

It is important that past albums are re-issued, to have them available in the shops. Too much of Marc’s vast back catalogue has only been sporadically available. Marc would like them to be available at all times in good pressings with decently printed covers and the correct, relevant B sides and extra’s included. This hasn’t happened in the past. Marc apologises for what must be frustrating to some fans but despite Marc’s good intentions, it really is out of his hands.”


~ by your fellowman on 23/09/2008.

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