09/04/08 – 10:47am (from ‘My Angel Will Go Before You’)

“…they take us into a world which is still that of matter, but where matter is so indeterminate, at least by our measurements, that it becomes linked, by a certain suitability and affinity, to the invisible motions of the angels: thus, in some way, matter participates in the invisibility of spirit. the human soul, though it is not a pure spirit, is a spirit. through it’s lower part it is open to the experience of material life, but through its higher part it is open to be visited by angels. in the silent and pre-conscious life of our mind, angels can sow suggestions which we are not aware of, in this way exerting a real influence on the comings and goings of our everyday life. when we get a sudden inspiration it may indeed have a purely natural origin. but probably, more frequently than we think, our guardian angel has whispered in our ear.”

-from the introduction by Cardinal Journet of the book:
“My Angel Will Go Before You” – by Georges Huber.

(a book i was ‘nudged’ to purchase by my own HGA,
what i thought was going to be a dud of a book is turning out to
be very inspirational and informative.)


~ by your fellowman on 04/09/2008.

One Response to “09/04/08 – 10:47am (from ‘My Angel Will Go Before You’)”

  1. i love my little ‘nudgers”

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