08/25/08 – 2:52pm (on the word ‘madam’ – for Anas)

Madam is Adam spelled in two opposing ways, intertwined at the same time and combined in one word…Madam is comprised of two Adams, and when one considers in the old testament, Adam is defined as Man, and the word Man referred either to a man, or all men, or all men and all women combined as humanity. then one interpretation of the word Madam, is man fucking man, or man fucking woman, or a woman fucking a woman and a man, or all women fucking one man, or all men fucking one woman, or some men and some woman fucking, or all men and all women fucking each other. and man, although Madam is a totally mixed up, horny, freaky, highly sexually active, and sexually confused word… it nonetheless, when you think about it, slowly and carefully, is one very brilliant fucking word, that fucking makes a lot of total practical and entirely logical fucking sense. tons of fucking money, and most fucking people extremely fucking happy.

from ‘Pandering’ by Heidi Fleiss


~ by your fellowman on 25/08/2008.

One Response to “08/25/08 – 2:52pm (on the word ‘madam’ – for Anas)”

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