08/13/08 – 9:24am (a most powerful prayer)

I am called the Pure Ether that Cannot be grasped,
I am the sum of all existence,
and all have wearied in their search for me.
One should not ponder my place.
It is named Infinity for it engenders everything that is.
Arouse yourself to contemplate, to focus thought,
for I am the Annihilation of all thoughts,
uncontainable by any concept.
Indeed, since no one can contain me at all,
I am called Nothingness, Void.
Think of yourself as me and forget yourself totally.
Then you can transcend time, rising to the world of thought,
where all is equal:
life and death, ocean and desert.
Such is not the case if you are attached to the material nature of the “human” world.
If you think of yourself as something.
Then I cannot clothe myself in you,
for I am infinite.
No vessel can contain me,
unless you think of yourself as Nothing,

-“IT” as transmitted thru: patrick chauncey


~ by your fellowman on 13/08/2008.

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