08/12/08 – 3:50am (proof)

from the diary ov rev.spook

( april 1st 2007)

eye will prove “IT”;

start list:

1 – pencil / check

2 – paper / check

3 – coffee / check

4 – cigarette / check

5 – bewilderment / check

6 – stress / double check

7 – direction / check

8 – intent / check


{text variable 1}

“eye prefer to be guided by what eye have learned scientifically, creatively, and existentially from nature. eye accept that eye am ludicrously unfinished and that eye constantly lose my sense ov decency and right order. eye shall die hopelessly short ov entelechy and bitterly regret that fate bore me when it did (eye thank hazard it was not historically earlier, and wish it had been later); yet would rather have been created at any time than not at all. while eye live eye would hope to conserve my own powers ov feeling and knowing, defective though they often are. this is not selfishness but awareness ov the reality ov both ‘necessity’ and ‘chaos’, and ov how short our individual cruise is… or seems, towards its end.”

John Fowles

-from ‘The Nature ov Nature’

{text variable 2}


(in general, whatever makes the contrary ov a thing impossible, whatever may be the cause ov such impossibilities.) – (whatever is done through necessity, is done without any intention, and as the act is done without will, and is compulsory, the agent is not legally responsible. hence the maxim, necessity has no law; indeed necessity is itself a law which cannot be avoided nor infringed.


(see “fractals.”)


(fractals are algebraic implementation ov complex phenomenon.)


(see “beginning.”)


(in the beginning we were there. there was nothing and God and me – and a chair to sit on, as there had been nothing for such a very long time. it was terrible. thus we felt the ‘necessity’ to make something out ov nothing; etc. etc. etc. i.e. the primal eye became the conscious I only to become the I and I – the watcher watching within. now a’dayz exalted in formulaic cyberealism replacing its necessary predecessor technoindustrealism.


i(n) = coolgottahaveit-letthemwatchme / {XletmewatchmeallthetimeX} / where n=Pod, Phone, Tunes, Movies, and X=0 AKA “the algebraic implementation ov complex phenomenon.”) AKA “Wake up, Neo…”


~ by your fellowman on 12/08/2008.

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