8/07/08 – 1:45pm (Boyd Rice)

Boyd Rice

a dear friend of mine pointed me to this page; (http://www.thevesselofgod.com) a few days back and i’ve been hooked on its contents everyday since. in paticular the whole chapter titled: ‘That Which Has Fallen.’ this guy knows he’s history and has an innate sense of insight in and on the subjects involved. i suggest all who have an interest in Hermetic Majick, all things Enochian and the realm of Angels and Daemons take a peep at this guys writings. i have learned so much and gathered so much more insight into some of the things i’ve been studying for years just in the past few days of reading his ideas and views on them. please take the time and have a look at this site dedicated to him and his studies. oh, and i think this song by Killing Joke goes rather well with the literature: Invocation.


~ by your fellowman on 07/08/2008.

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