7/31/08 – 8:34pm (letter from a friend concerning ‘faith’)

first off my dear old friend…there are certain words in the english language that throughout time have been used and ABUSED implementing themselves as negative seeds that grow toxic weeds in our gardens of “thought-creates-reality-words-have-form-and power manifestations!”……and the word “faith” is INDEED one of those negative seed words used and abused…’tis a tainted word yes!…..i cant stand that word!….along with, hope, hate, try, and a montage of others…..so please dont say you have “lost faith”….because there is no such thing as faith! ah well…hail eris!…I LOVE YOU….and all we have is ourselves anyway….i spend almost all my time alone, creating music and madness…and having fantasies of my skeletal remains being found one day, wondering who it will be that steals me gold tooth from me skulll!….by the way….i dont have a microphone and my computer is very old and i wont be able to download anything….we will just have to call eachother…..

-Irish Heather Collins
AKA: ‘Roven Clover’

thanx Irish


~ by your fellowman on 01/08/2008.

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